Bouillon region

The well-preserved nature of the unadulterated Ardennes

Camping Le Prahay is situated in the village named Poupehan, in the Bouillon area, which is characterized by the beautiful natural elements that the area has to offer. The area is ideal for tourists who want to feel one with the nature, on top of that the beauty and diversity of the Ardennes is a nice extra.

The valleys and hills of the Semois are harbors of tranquility where hikers, kayakers and mountain bikers can find their inner peace. At Camping Le Prahay guests can leave behind their daily struggle and instead take the time to fully enjoy the beautiful nature.

Poupehan, surrounded by hills and directly at the Semois

The village of Poupehan is located near one of the most beautiful rivers in Belgium. On the southern slope of the Belgian Ardennes directly along the banks of the river the Semois, tourists can enjoy peace, forested hills, beautiful views and a cozy and authentic environment.

Points of interest near Camping Le Prahay

In addition to the impressive nature, Camping Le Prahay is the ideal starting point to discover an extraordinary region. Next to the beautiful towns in the Belgian Ardennes with their typical architecture, cafes and shops, you will also find the following:

  • Chateau de Bouillon
  • Archéoscope (Historical Museum)
  • Wildlife Park
  • The Trappist abbey of Orval
  • Redu (book village)

Looking for an environment for your active holiday?

In the vicinity of Camping Le Prahay there is plenty of sensation. The region of Bouillon is a beautiful area, suitable for various sporty activities. People that fancy, among other things, trial, mountain biking, kayaking, multi-day nature hiking as well as hikers will never get bored here. The range of activities and attractions will adapt to the duration of your holiday. Sufficient variety for everyone to enjoy, in short: something for everyone.